Landlord Liability for Slip and Falls

Bronx and Brooklyn Accident Lawyer Explains

Watch this video to hear Brooklyn and Bronx accident attorney Steven Wildstein discuss when a landlord is responsible for a slip and fall accident. For more information or to find out if you can recover against your landlord after a slip and fall, contact us today for a free consultation.

Video Transcript

In the state of New York, the responsibility of the landlord is to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition. “Reasonably” gets back to that issue of they had to have either known about it or it had to have been there a long enough time. Maybe it’s a recurrent condition, whatever the defect is.

For example, whenever it rains there’s a leak that comes from above onto the staircase. Even if they didn’t know about those particular drops, they know that there’s a leak there, and whenever it rains it leaks onto that staircase. They should have fixed that leak above so that it didn’t leak onto the staircase. That’s what’s called a recurrence condition. There, the landlord again would be responsible because they didn’t do what was reasonable under the circumstances, which is to repair that leak.

What about the sidewalks? The general rule for sidewalks is that the owner of a building, let’s deal with a multiple-dwelling building with more than three units because that’s what the law is. It’s separate. There’s an exemption for homeowners of one, two and three-family homes. The owner of the building has the obligation to keep the sidewalk adjacent to the building in a reasonably safe condition. That means snow removal. That means debris. That means broken, cracked sidewalks. If you slip and fall, of course, you should get medical treatment, and you should call an attorney and consult about what your legal rights are.

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