Our Bronx and Brooklyn Injury Attorney Explains the Dangers of Ceiling Collapse Accidents

In this video, Brooklyn and Bronx injury lawyer Steven Wildstein describes the dangers of ceiling collapse accidents and how to spot the signs that a collapse may occur. If you have sustained injuries in a ceiling collapse accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

Video Transcript

In my experience as an attorney, I’ve seen all sorts of injuries occurring from ceiling collapses. People try to twist out of the way from a falling ceiling, they fall down, they hurt knees, backs, necks, shoulders. It could be absolutely any part of your body. It could be either broken or you could get herniated discs in your back or your neck; very serious spinal injuries.

The way you know a ceiling collapse may be eminent is if you see water dripping from a ceiling or if you see brown marks around the area in question, or bubbling or you see the paint buckling, which would indicate it’s filling up with water from above. And of course, if any of these things happen you want to tell your super and your building, your managing agent, your landlord immediately so that they can get in there and fix the ceiling. And fixing the ceiling doesn’t mean just putting new sheetrock on. They’ve got to cure the water condition that’s causing the water to be leaking onto your ceiling.

Most ceiling collapses occur in the bathroom because there’s a lot of moisture in a bathroom to begin with, so ceilings get wet. There are pipes above the ceiling. Let’s say if you’re in an apartment building, right above your bathroom is another bathroom for the apartment above you. Generally, that’s where you see the most collapses. You also see ceiling collapses … I would say second most would be the kitchen, but you see plenty of them even in bedrooms.

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