Bronx Injury Attorneys: Firefighters Rescue Construction Worker After Accident

Rescue officials and police officers worked together to save a construction worker in Staten Island on December 5. The worker, Jorge Yauchanguishyi, was knocked unconscious by falling equipment, but was suspended on scaffolding six stories above the ground.

Several workers climbed the scaffolding after the accident occurred to reach the man, but realized they could not get him down the same way. Because of the danger of a spinal cord or neck injury, Yauchanguishyi needed to be immobilized, not carried down. Firefighters arrived on the scene and used their truck ladder to safely bring the victim down from the scaffolding.

Yauchanguishyi was working on the building’s exterior when a U-bolt weighing 25-pounds fell from above and struck him in the head. Though the blow knocked him out, Yauchanguishyi’s injuries could have been far more severe had he not been wearing protective headgear. He was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors state that is was in stable condition. Blunt head trauma can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI); losing consciousness is often a sign of severe injury.

A Buildings Department inspector visited the construction site after the accident but did not find any violations. Officials are still unsure what led to the accident, but every employee deserves the right to a safe and hazard-free workplace. Being hit in the head by a 25-pound metal bolt could easily kill a person or leave him with permanent injuries.

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