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Bronx Injury Attorneys: Firefighters Rescue Construction Worker After Accident

Rescue officials and police officers worked together to save a construction worker in Staten Island on December 5. The worker, Jorge Yauchanguishyi, was knocked unconscious by falling equipment, but was suspended on scaffolding six stories above the ground. Several workers climbed the scaffolding after the accident occurred to reach the man, but realized they could not get him down the same way. Because of the danger of a spinal cord or neck injury, Yauchanguishyi needed to be immobilized, not carried down. Firefighters arrived on the scene and used their truck ladder to safely bring the victim down from the scaffolding. Yauchanguishyi was working on the building’s exterior when a U-bolt weighing 25-pounds fell from above and struck him in the head. Though the blow knocked him out, Yauchanguishyi’s injuries could have been far more severe had he not been wearing protective headgear. He was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors state that is…
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Brooklyn Accident Attorneys Discuss Bus Accident’s Criminal and Civil Consequences

The driver involved in a 2011 Bronx bus accident has been found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a New York Court. However, the driver, Ophadell Williams, was found guilty of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a lesser charge. According to Williams, the accident occurred after a tractor trailer cut him off on the highway, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The bus ran off the road and smashed into a pole, splitting the bus open and killing 15 people. Many others were injured in the accident, including one man who lost both arms. Prosecutors attempted to argue that Williams was too tired to be driving the vehicle and that his fatigued state lengthened his reaction time and contributed to the accident. In the end, attorneys were unable to convince the jury that Williams’ actions were criminal. However, Williams still faces legal battles in civil court,…
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Bronx Accident Lawyers Discuss Common Dangers on the Subway

Newspapers and websites around the world have reported on the tragic death of Ki-Suck Han, who was hit by a New York City subway train after being pushed onto the tracks. The man suspected of pushing Han has been arrested and faces murder charges. Fortunately, these sorts of malicious crimes do not happen frequently in New York. However, many people are still injured every year in subway accidents. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) the number of people hit by trains is actually on the rise. In 2011, 147 people were hit by trains. Of those 147, 50 people were killed. In 2010, 128 people were struck by trains. Fortunately, subway injuries have gone down on the whole. Almost 5,000 people suffered injuries in 2010, but the number went down to 4,738 in 2011. Being struck by a train is just one way a person could suffer injuries while…
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